You have a busy, thriving business but there is additional demand you can’t meet. You have a choice: grow your business or wait for a competitor to enter to fill the demand. 9os Nigeria will work with you to build a plan and find the resources to expand your business to service the additional demand.

Manage Change

Your business used to run well and was profitable but things have changed. Maybe it’s that your competition has become smarter or that your customers now want different things. 9os Nigeria will analyze the market, your place in it and the competition. Then we can help build a plan to change your business for continued success.


You are a professional and require a staff to do your best work. But sometimes you wonder if it’s the business that’s running you, taking energy away from what you do best. 9os Nigeria will help strengthen your management and processes so the business can better take care of itself.


Your business used to run smoothly but now it’s having cash flow problems. Or maybe you’re simply wondering why there isn’t as much left over at the end of the month as there used to be. 9os Nigeria will find the answers by quickly analyzing your financials to show where you’re making money and where you’re spending it. Then we can help develop a plan to improve profitability.